Dr. Wein provided excellent care for my five-year-old with a fractured elbow. Patient and calm with a wiggly five-year-old who asked a million questions while Dr. Wein was putting on his cast. Reassuring and knowledgeable to me as well.

P. Weston
Raleigh, NC

Dr. Wein was very knowledgeable in dealing with my injury. Staff was always courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Wein and staff .

Bobby Walters
Stem, NC

We had an outstanding experience with Dr. Wein! My twelve-year-old daughter had an injury that was rare for her age. He was very kind to her and went out of his way to make her feel comfortable. He was very thorough and was so dedicated to finding a cause and solution for her pain. Her surgery was a complete success and her recovery thus far has been amazingly smooth. I would recommend Dr. Wein to any pediatric or adult patient!

Selah Fernandez
Wilson, NC

I had left and right trigger finger surgery at the same time. Recovery was fantastic. Recommend having both hands done at the same time if needed, easy recovery. Highly recommend Dr. Wein and staff.

Dunn, NC

I am a patient of Dr. Wein but also have been a RN for 35+ years. I found him to be very informative and personable. He explained in detail what my surgery would entail and covered the procedure so thoroughly that I had very few questions. His knowledge of upper extremity treatment, rather it be an elective procedure or trauma, is impressive. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Wein to friends and family. His PA is very efficient and smart with her specialty being upper extremity also.

Name Withheld

We visited Dr. Wein after my eleven-year-old broke his forearm. Dr. Wein’s cordial, sympathetic, professional manner put us at ease instantly. He even related to my son with a story from his childhood and made him smile despite his pain. We learned that my son’s break was bad and he needed it set in the OR before casting it. Dr Wein performed the procedure and from the beginning of the process to removing his cast, he gave us impeccable service and care. We recommend him wholeheartedly.

Erin H.
Raleigh, NC